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Core Values

Biblically Based

Our Preacher and teachings are led solely on the word of God.

Spirit Led Worship

We yield and humble ourselves to God the Holy Spirit through praise and worship. We usher in the presence of the lord in our church.

Fellow Focused

We are brothers and sisters in the lord that fellowships on a weekly basis. Some of the fellowships include: Potluck Dinners, Annual Church Trips, Men's fellowships, Women's Fellowships, and our Event Committee.


We Evangelize to our South Coast community through our TV Ministry: To God Be the Glory. Celebrate Recovery, Prison Ministry, The Department of Youth Services, and our annual church cook-out with water Baptism.

Community Outreach

We serve our community through our annual Community Day, Children's Christmas Party, Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Luncheon, Food Baskets, feeding the homeless, and teaching at our local public school systems.